It was good to be here. But it’s one for

This is one of the few places I would not want to return in the near future. Taiwan is a beautiful Island but I expected something more, something different, something that will surprise me. Perhaps I become picky, coz I’ve seen incredible things in Asia until that time. After seeing Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia (only Kuala Lumpur), Bali I didn’t see many spectacular things. Qingshui cliff was beautiful but there is almost nothing around, so you are just taking photos and moving forward, probably to Taroko national park. I liked Taipei, I think the city has many things to offer.
Nonetheless, I am not planning to go there again in the near future. After one week of being there, I feel like I’ve seen everything there. Thus, these are my only personal thoughts and probably I am exaggerating a bit. 🙂